Sunday, March 14, 2010

The time thief and other things

The time thief struck again! I will be doing this all day…the clock says 11am but it’s really 10…it’s 7:15pm but it’s really 6:15. I seem to do this every year!

The good news is that there is not a cloud in the sky. It is truly a glorious day full of blue sky and sunshine. It is truly a day for the outdoors and not to be spent cleaning the house. You could be...

...taking your four-legged friend to splash in the surf at Dog Beach

Visit The Star of India now a maritime museum

Spend the day with friends and family at the San Diego Zoo

or at the San Diego Wild Animal Park

or rustle up some grub at Little Italy's farmers market

or we could go to the Hillcrest farmers market

Spend some time at the Botanical Building at Balboa Park

viewing the beauty within

or simply fly a kite at Mission Bay

It all adds up to the perfect SoCal day!

Enjoy your Sunday!


  1. Hi Bonnie! What a festive post! You make me want to head over to your end of the country!Here...rainy and cold. :-( I hope that you and Sadie had a fun day being out and about! And...I love the Karate Kid! I was just thinking that my grandson needs to be introduced to him! Happy week!...hugs...Debbie

  2. Could have used a little of the Cal sunshine over here today! Nice post, Bonnie.

  3. We had gorgeous weather here too, a perfect weekend and NO RAIN for a change! I would love to see the San Diego Zoo, what a fun way to spend the day. And a Little Italy farmer's market - heaven! Kathy

  4. Very gorgeous photos indeed, hope you have a good week ahead!!

  5. Dearest Bonnie! I missed you so...these photos are a sure sign of warmth and fun in the sun in SD! I love the Panda and the dogs on the beach. What a relaxing weekend you had! Thinking of you always, Anita

    Oh, Paisley showed up in Nowhere for a brief time. You can only see her back though, as she looks out into the distance to look at the one was hurt, however. All positive!

  6. It's gorgeous here today too....Been to all of the above...except kite flying...There is soooo
    much to do in San Diego...Have a good one!


  7. all sounds like fun but the run on the beach is where you'd find me:)! Enjoy the beautiful weather!



  8. San Diego is a GREAT place... FAB photos!

  9. Hi Bonnie,

    Love San Diego. What a fun post. Tommy would like the dog beach.

    big hugs,