Sunday, September 13, 2009

Goodnight Sweet Prince - Winner Revealed

What a night mes amis!

It was the big reveal of Act IV of Goodnight Sweet Prince by our dear friend Anita of Castles Crowns and Cottages.

I was caught up in an evening of bright lights, red carpets and celebrities, oh yes they were all there. Even Monsieur Balzac putt putted his way over to Le Petit Théâtre de Chimères.

In the theatre, lights dimmed with anticipation as we were about to see Camille Benoit's play, Goodnight Sweet Prince in its entirety. When the delightful play came to its conclusion there was much buzz amongst the spectators especially myself, Jacqueline and The Dutchess. You see, we three entered Camille Benoit's contest to complete Act IV of her wonderful play. Tensions were high as Camille, aka Anita, took to the stage to announce the winner. And the winner is....OH MY was me! My world started spinning.

Here, I am back in my seat with my Castles Crowns and Cottage's Playwright Award. What in the world did I say as I accepted my award? I am blank, I cannot remember a thing! All I can tell you is I am awash in the fun, honor and excitement of winning the award.

And the parties afterward! Canoodling with celebrities like Johnny Depp, Brad and Angelina and this bit of yum, Daniel Craig! I flirted shamelessly and was in glamour heaven. But the long night turned to day and I was off to the Castles Crowns and Cottages chateau where I promptly fell asleep under the stars by the pool.

When I awoke, I made a quick dash to my room to refresh and went back to the pool where refreshments were layed out for all to enjoy.

For some reason, I was ravenous! The lovely Anita and a few friends were already enjoying the repast and we were told not to take too long because we were shortly to cruise on Anita's lovely vintage yacht. It is called the Tres Jolie - very pretty, yes?

More food, more libations, sparkling conversation, a little sun, it was a lovely afternoon my dear ones.

I cannot remember a more marvelous weekend! I am still spinning from the honor of winning the Castles Crowns and Cottages Playwright Award. I encourage all of you to enter next season! Our lovely Anita is always brimming with creativity. Thank you Anita for a wonderful time.

All this because of one special little dog!

Goodnight Sweet Prince!

Ruff, ruff!


  1. How marvelous...very fun post...didn't we all have a wonderful time...I believe Miss Moussie went home with Mr Bond..;)
    Congrats again dear friend.

  2. Oh my dearest...that was way cool!!!!! I LOVE ALL THE CELEBRITIES! Oh and how I envy Miss Moussie for going home with Mr. Craig...he is a beefcake of a man! Tonight for movie time, it's JAMES BOND! Oh, you were able to cruise my yacht...I love this darling little ship...many a quiet evening on her deck, looking up at the stars, wishing my dear friends the best of love and life! I am laughing and loving your post and creativity. I thank you my dear friend for enjoying yourself and finally submitting. Never give up. Writing is a divine gift and experience; when the voice speaks to your mind and heart, your job is to just be there in front of your keyboard. BE FAITHFUL to the end! Cheers my dear....Anita

  3. Hi there-yes what a fun post and congrats to you too!!

  4. Bon!
    Congratulations! What a talented write you are! I voted for you without even knowing it. While the other 2 were good, yours seemed consistent with Anita's unique writing style. Good rhymes, excellent French, and fun recall of old characters. Great job, Bon! You have skillz, gal... SKILLLLLZ!


  5. congradulations! =D

  6. Dear Bonnie, (((thank you ))) for vsiiting me and letting me know that you did.*grin*
    Your writing is soooo beautiful and interesting. I enjoyed the play so much and the ending too *smiles*~

  7. I see you posted a photo of my OTHER boyfriend, Daniel Craig...he's good for readership, I know.

  8. Oh, yes, sorry, I got distracted...YOU ARE SO AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can I be you when I grow up? Will you hire me to work at BHive?