Saturday, September 19, 2009

Good Will Hunting

Not quite sure why I haven't been on the hunt lately, thrift hunting that is, but I finally broke out of my rut on Friday at the Goodwill on Rosecrans (if you're in the San Diego area). I didn't get much, three items but I was amazed at how big the store was, how clean it was, how reasonably priced everything was, and how nice everyone was...I really could go on. But let me show you what I got!

Well, first of all I wanted to showcase my friend Jan's portrait of the Lovely Sadie, my sweet companion for about eight years now. Jan had seen a picture I took of Sadie, wanted to paint it and there it is, all framed out and ready to hang on the wall in a place of honor.

I collect tea pots and one day I'll do a post of my collection but here is the latest addition, an English cottage, at $4. I thought it was a deal. The slip on shoes are by Bandolino and were only $6.99, barely worn, no tread marks on the soles, the insides were spotless, and not a scuff mark to be seen. I'm surprised I got these shoes because I'm not really into two-toned shoes but I rather liked this pair and it was in pristine condition. As for the flip flops, I couldn't resist the pink flowers and they were brand spanking new, never worn at $1.

I love thrift hunting, you just never know what you'll find. How about you?

Have a great Sunday everybody! Sadie sends her regards.

PS - and if you're wondering about the great animal print box, I got it at Ross's a couple of years ago. It was $10 for a series of 5 nesting boxes.

PPS - Dont forget to check out The Bhive Buzz!


  1. Bonsoir mon amie! are talking to the thrift store queen and tea pot lover!!! Those shoes, OMG, are fabulous. Ruben and I used to live in Whittier, CA and they had the best thrift stores around; in those days, a pair Levis would cost me $1.00. And a vintage dress, $3.00 tops. But in today's market, you got yourself a great deal. You are going to look stunning in those mules! How are you today dear friend? Love always, Anita

  2. Hi Bonnie! Hey...for me, three really good things is a good day! I love your tea pot! I used to have a similar one and had a thing about collecting little houses! Your shoes and flip flops are so cute! And I LOVE the picture of Sadie...such a treasure! Happy week!...hugs...Debbie

  3. Hey Bonnie! I was trying to leave a comment on your Bhive but I kept getting bounced back telling me it would not accept my comments!! I hope you are well. Anita

  4. Bonnie,
    I love the painting of your dog. She looks sweet as pie. Anita and I love tea and have a pot every night. I'll be looking for your blog on your teapot collection. Love your title. Thanks for the B-Day wish. I just posted part 2 of my blog "Happy and Appreciated." I hope you like it.

  5. Thanks for checking my blog & also for leaving a comment. I love new readers & have enjoyed reading yours. Sadie has about the greatest face - I think she's looking into my soul. Isn't it a shame that we keep going out & buying new stuff when the thrift stores are so crammed full. Some here don't even take clothes anymore & if they do, they sall them to someone for rags. Crazy! Jan

  6. I love your treasures! I love thrift finds!! There's a certain adrenaline rush when you find treasure buried under a pile of junk! LoL. I've bought some thrift finds in Egypt, which will make it into a blog some day. In the mean time, I'll just admire yours! LoL. Have a wonderful sunny SoCal day, Bon!


  7. P.S. I love tea kettles and shoes too. I swear we're sisters with another mother. LoL. It's funny how we lived so close and never met. I'm so thankful that blogging brought such dear people like you into my life.

    Cheers, Blog Sista!


  8. Bonnie,
    Thanks for your visit to my blog and your beautiful comment. Anita and I have not been to SD in such a long time, but next time we go to Los Angeles to visit family, we would love to take a little day trip to SD just to see if there was any possibility to visit with you and maybe enjoy some tea from one of your teapots and your precious company, for you can learn a lot about a person through what they write, and you are someone we treasure as friend. I totally agree with your recommendation for a third rule about the healing and friendship blessings of an animal. You are in our thoughts and prayers.
    PS, I love your quotation by Collette, and if it were not for my 2-legged Anita, I'd wonder if the saying should go: Our perfect companions never have less than for feet.