Thursday, July 16, 2009

Wishin' for summer rain

It's hotter than Hades out here! No relief in sight in fact the weatherman said we can expect higher temperatures next week so I'm praying for rain.

Here's a song about summer rain by Johnny Rivers

I couldn't find a video of JR actually singing the song but this is how I best remember him. Help me I'm swooning!

Here's a song I'd like to dedicate to Anita - hope that thesis is almost done!

What show was this? Hullabaloo, Lloyd Thaxton, Hollywood A Go Go?

Couldn't find Call Me by Chris Montez but this has lots of great pictures and takes me waaaaay back!

I love the Hollies!

I love a rainy night - Eddie Rabbit

And speaking of the sun not shining - The Walker Brothers

Hope it's cooled off where you are!


  1. OMG Bonnie! What a sweet dedication my friend! You are so talented to put this montage together! I have already turned in chapter 2 and 3. My adviser is blown away at the progress I have been making and today, I am making the revisions he sent me on chapter 2. I AM GONNA HIT CHAPTER ONE and get this baby off the ground! OH those video clips take me back. I used to watch Lloyd Thaxton as a little kid!:) I do hope you all get some rain; we have had gorgeous weather out here---it hasn't gone above 80 degrees. Stay cool and drink lots of liquids! Fondly, Anita

  2. Hey there.........
    I might be too young to remember. But hey they were great!
    Chantel is out of the hospital and resting at home.
    My next blog will show pictures of the country side as we traveled to and from the hospital.
    FYI.. we're having problems with our phone, Verizon is working on the issue .
    We'll talk soon:)

  3. Hi Bon! Oh, what a treat to hear one of my favorite songs from the 60's -- Sealed with a Kiss by Brian Hyland! I sang along with the video and was surprised to have remembered all the words! I'm sure I still have the 45rpm somewhere here in the house. Thanks for the walk down memory lane!