Tuesday, July 21, 2009

TV Diva

Tired of the summer re-runs on TV? Can't bear to watch one more reality show? Me too! TV Diva to the rescue - I've got three great new summertime treats for you to try out!

Sundays at 9pm on Lifetime

What happens when the soul of a vapid model (Deb), through a computer error (like the EASY button), ends up in a plus size lawyer (Jane) who is equally...dead? Ok, that's the far out premise but trust me you will like this show. Deb keeps her memory but also inherits those of Jane as she tries to adapt to her new life in which she is also...gasp...smart! The series also takes an unflinchly hard look at beauty stereotyping. The show has been getting great reviews!

Thursdays at 10pm on USA Network

The cast of The Royal Pains

Characters welcome, and this show is full of them! Hank is a New York doctor who is wrongfully blamed for a patient's death. Hank's brother Evan does his best to get him out of his funk and together they go to party in the Hamptons where Hank saves the life of a party goer. Hank suddenly finds himself in demand as a doctor to the rich and famous and entrepreneurial Evan starts marketing Hank as a "concierge doctor." It's a fun show!

Tuesdays at 10pm on the SyFy Network

This is sort of an X-Files lite and enjoyable as well. Two very dissimilar, opposite ends-of-the-spectrum, Secret Service agents have been reassigned to a top secret facility known as Warehouse 13 located in the Badlands of South Dakota. Think of the center as a storehouse of weird, magical and sometimes dangerous stuff gathered by agents over the years. The two hour premier started out great but fell a little flat for me at the end. Nonetheless, it was enjoyable with lots of promise for great story lines to come.

Pass the popcorn!


  1. Oh Bonnie! HI!!!!! Oh it is so nice to hear from you! YOU are the breath of fresh air that I need! What a cool post. You have it in you girl to write professionally! You always give good recommendations and your format of bright images radiates SAN DIEGO! Thank you for your suggestions for writer's block; you have confirmed it for me. I am getting out of here and going shopping. Then I am going to make my favorite dinner and eat it slowly. Then I will get back to work. You are so right, I need to just write even if it seems disjointed. I really appreciate your company at the moment and that is part of the step towards success. Have a gorgeous San Diego summer day my friend! Merci mille fois, Anita

  2. Hi Bonnie! Thanks for keeping us updated on the new shows! I had heard about Drop Dead Divas. Margaret Cho has been making the talk show circuit to push it and I think she's a scream! I'll have to try the other two...especially Warehouse 13 since I like science fiction. Have a great week!...hugs...Debbie

  3. Thank goodness for DVR. There are so many shows to choose from that I end up taping 2 and watching the 3rd in my office.