Monday, July 27, 2009

Hayley Mills and The Moon Spinners

A friend of mine who considers herself an expert on all things Disney was recently flabbergasted when I mentioned a favorite 60's movie starring Hayley Mills...The Moon Spinners. She quickly googled Amazon and found the DVD for sale, bought it, and the result: two thumbs up!

Here is our Junior Miss detective on the island of Crete.
I was, still am, a HUGE Hayley Mills fan!

Well the movie starts out carefree enough for Nikki Ferris and her aunt but it quickly turns mysterious and deadly as a Disney movie can be but it is suspenseful!

In the immortal words of Rachael Ray, YUMMO!

Peter McEnery plays Mark a former bank executive who is in Crete on the hunt for a jewel thief. Along the way he gives Hayley Mills her first on screen kiss!

A million dollar view from the balcony of The Moon Spinner Inn where Nikki is staying.

Here is a clip of Nikki's harrowing escape from a windmill.

Thanks for the fun times Hayley!


  1. Bonnie darling!
    You ALWAYS take me back to a precious time of my life....Disney hour on Sunday nights, growing up with Haley Mills and wanting to be like her, Tammy dolls and those wonderful 60s shows! Remember Gidget? Keep 'em comin'!! You did get my response to your question about doing a thing on inspiring women, n'est-ce pas? I am all ready for you! Anita

  2. I've neverr seen or heard of this movie... I will have to see if it is available via Netflix... hmmm

  3. I don't think I've seen this movie. Thanks for bringing it to our attention!

    I also enjoyed your Diana Rigg/Emma Peel post. She was amazing, wasn't she? "The Avengers" was never the same after she left the show!

  4. This movie was filmed in my favourite place on Earth. Elounda in Crete.