Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Hot fun in the summertime

Happy 2nd official day of SUMMER! I think I can finally put my little over used space heater to bed till fall rolls around. The skies are blue and the days are warming up nicely. Not too hot...yet!

Any plans for the summer? If I could, I would get me a little trailer and toodle around the countryside like Mike and Frank from my new FAVORITE TV show American Pickers!

Frank and Mike doing their best American Gothic

You can catch the guys on the History Channel already into its second season. I've only just discovered it so there are lots of episodes for me to catch up on.

The dudes

These long time friends are based in Iowa and the show takes you along as they explore America's backroads and countryside searching for long buried treasure that they hope to re-sell at their store Antique Archaeology. They are ably aided by Danielle at home base who finds contacts for the boys over the phone and internet.

A fantastic find!

One of the reasons I enjoy the show is that it's a travelogue of the American countryside. You never know what they'll find in attics, basements and decrepit old barns besides raccoons and spiders. They even came across a home that was once a part of the underground railroad, talk about history! The guys have expanded their picking and recently came out west to Arizona and southern California.

Mike, Frank and Danielle probably dreaming about their next pick

My pickings don't send me too far. Just to the Goodwill and neighborhood yard sales. On a recent visit to Goodwill I did manage to score a pair of brand new capris (black stretchy denim with a daisy print) and two bracelets for a mere $8. Definitely not the kind of stuff Mike and Frank would search out but I'm sure they'd agree I did OK on the price.

Sound like fun? Hop in my little pink caddie if you'd like to come along. The more the merrier I always say.

See ya!
Oh! The places you'll go!



  1. Ooooo,I must see when that screens here! Looks wonderful,and I adore the American countryside!!! Danielle looks hot and styley,too!
    Pink caddie? I'm there!!!

  2. Hi Bonnie - Good to hear from you again. Yes, that was my home featured in Romantic Country magazine. I was ecstatic when they contacted me and even more in heaven when they came to do the shoot.

    I'm like you, addicted to American Pickers. I've started watching it a month ago, and I'm hooked! I TiVo all the episodes I missed when they started last year. I was bummed that I missed when they filmed in Oceanside. Did you see that episode when they were in the surf museum? That's here, in our neighborhood. Yikes, I could have met Mike Wolfe...I think he's a hottie! Haha!


  3. We don't have cable or get history channel. It's probably a good thing! I'd be hooked for sure. Hey, you get a trailer, hitch it up and head over here to NW Indiana & I'll join you!

  4. Will you let me drive--at least part of the time? Thanks for the heads up on American Pickers.


  5. Even though I'm not a big summer fan - I'd rather be too cold than too hot as you can always put more layers on, take too many layers off and you could be arrested - I'd love to travel the countryside in a horse drawn traditional gypsy caravan, it would be so romantic, don't you think?

  6. Hi Bonnie

    My neighbor just the other day told me he loves 'American Pickers' and described the show to me. Now your post praises it, so I must see it. Great idea. Kind of like 'Antiques Road Show' only you're really on the road.

    Warmest regards

  7. Hi my dear-I've not seen this, but it looks really good. Hope you're feeling better and having a nice week too xx

  8. Hi Bonnie,

    We watch American Pickers every once in a while. It is a great show.
    The pink Cadillac......count me in. Wow!
    I have been keeping busy the last few months. I don't blog very much now but I do a great facebook. I swore I would never be on FB but it is so easy to do while i work.
    I hope you are feeling better. Health issues are no fun.

    big hugs,

  9. I like that show too! I really liked the episode where Danielle got to go picking:). I also like Pawn Stars-they get such neat things in their shop! Glad to have you back in blogland-you were missed:).