Sunday, January 16, 2011

Hi, hope you are all reveling in the New Year!

Some fun news, I found a yard sale in the neighborhood yesterday while on my morning walk and came away with a great little stash! A fabulous crochet handbag, a pair of comfortable slippers and a wonderful framed poster to add to my collection of travel posters.

The bag is totally lined and has a zipper top and quite roomy.

These were very comfy, wore them all day yesterday, and at only $2 they were better than anything I could have found at Target.

Gorgeous! A fabulous find at only $7 (down from $10) and a worthy addition to my collection of travel posters (see Art of the Casa).

The woman who was holding the yard sale was retiring and planning a move to Portugual for about a year and then to her native Scotland, which as you know is also home to my boyfriend, Gerry Butler.

Hi honey!

My big plan for the day is perhaps to do a little grocery shopping but mainly I plan on spending the day outside just chilling and enjoying some sunny weather, FINALLY! I'll catch up on some reading while outside. Right now I'm plowing through the Amelia Peabody series written by Elizabeth Peters.

A totally bask worthy day!

And speaking of reading, I would be remiss if I didn't mention my trip yesterday to the Friends of the Library yesterday. I purchased a chicklit for $1 but Bob, one of the volunteers, sent me home with a mess of magazines for free. I couldn't believe the haul, I almost felt guilty.

Which should I read first?

I'll get to them later. First the Sunday paper and dining al fresco. The weather is delightful and warm and you're welcome to join me!

Have a gorgeous day!


  1. Hi Bonnie
    Oh I would love to join you for a coffee in the warm sunshine.. Will you split that muffin with me. tee hee.
    The sky looks beautiful.. Great finds today Bonnie...
    Pop over to Nowhere when you have time and take a ride with Bebe.
    Enjoy your day

  2. I, too would love to join you for a coffee in the glorious sunshine. Sounds like Bob's got a soft spot for you.
    Love that bag, glam flip flops and that glorious travel poster and drooling over both Gerry and that delicious blue sky. xxx

  3. BONNIE!!!! WHAT IN THE WORLD, or WHERE IN THE WORLD Have you been? Working I suppose! IT IS SO GOOD TO HAVE YOU BACK!!!! We are currently painting and I just took a break away from the paint fumes. Our addition is almost done, but we have at least another two weeks of solid work to pull it all together. Painting the trim, installing sliding closet doors and moving the furniture in is what we have left, but the very last things to get will be the overhead crystal chandelier and exposed beams!!! That comes later this summer!

    How have you been? How goes the job? Sunny out your way, I hear....we have SO MUCH SNOW, but I don't mind, really.

    GIVE SADIE AND KITTY A HUG!!!! Dearest, dearest is so good to see you! Anita

  4. Hi my dear-hope you're enjoying the fabulous weather lucky you and such a lovely bag too, perfect for summer days! Hope you're well, have a great week ahead! x

  5. Read the People mags first or they'll be history!! Great shopping day with little harm to your wallet.

    How do you like the Amelia Peabody series? I believe they take place in Egypt? I do like good mysteries and have read several of Elizabeth George's books--the earlier ones. Also like Ruth Rendel. For now, I'm reading my Muse Book Club choices. No reading outside--too cold!!


  6. hey bonnie...
    now when we spoke on the phone that morning, you failed to mention that great looking muffin yummmm. great find at the yard sale. i've only been to one since moving to tx so i think i'll drag the husband to a few this weekend :) talks to ya later!

  7. Wow-great finds! I love finding great deals at yard sales and thrift stores! The weather here is still pretty cold and rainy but they are calling for warmer days soon:). That's when we'll start seeing more yard sales again:).



  8. Oooh that tray certainly looks tempting!! I love the poster - Yum!! What a wonderful couple of days you've had and lots of lovely bargains found in warm, sunny weather:) xoxo

  9. I especially love that bag. I think I should introduce yard sales to this part of the world.

  10. Hi Bonnie
    Just wanted to stop in and wish you a great weekend.

  11. Oh I would LOVE to join you - your little selection looks yummy and i could just read a mag or two in the sunshine - we have the sun here at the mo but it is bitterely cold :'(

    I really like that artwork v cute and art deco!!

    Hope you are well?

    Sal xXx