Saturday, October 9, 2010

tea pots, bargains and john lennon

If anyone is thinking of coming out to southern California, now would be the time! The weather has cleared up, the temperature is mild and in the low to mid 80s, and there is nothing but sunshine. Is there nothing better than basking in the sun's warmth after a week of cold rainy weather?

Beautiful La Jolla Cove

This calls for a day of searching for bargains and I found myself another teapot at Goodwill! I have such an obsession with tea pots and while I do have some that are functional most of them are purely decorative like this little beauty. I really couldn't pass this one by at $4.

Isn't it cute how the lid sits askew atop the tea pot?

And while at Goodwill I picked up a new blankie for Sadie as cooler weather promises to be rolling in soon. It's actually a baby blanket which is exactly how I think of little girl.

On a recent cruise past a yard sale, a lovely lady watched me pick up this little pitcher and said I could have it for free! I couldn't pass that up - here it is:

And finally, always one on the lookout for a bargain, I was at JC Penney's big blowout sale not so long ago where I found a pair of cropped jeans. It had some bling on it, not something I would search out, but it was my size so I figured why not. It fit, ok, should I get it? When I looked at the price tag I couldn't believe it....

...Yes, the original price was $68 and I only paid $6.49 for it...a total savings of $62! It was the find of the century!

I'm not one for ripped jeans or jeans with bling but this pair has grown on me, and they are comfortable! A close up of the bling, silver sequins.

Here I am with a bracelet from Foverever 21 and Jones NY shoes.

By now I'm sure you've heard it was John Lennon's birthday yesterday. Hard to believe he would have been 70. I still think of the Beatles as being young, very young.
like this...
or this...

or like this

Last Sunday I happened to catch CBS Sunday Morning and they had a wonderful interview with Julian Lennon on the occassion of the opening of his photography exhibit in New York. It was insightful and amazing as he talked of his father, his love of his brother, his extended family and speaking of family, the Lennon family feud. Julian said he sent invitations to his mom and Yoko and they both knew the other was invited. I think you'll be surprised when you watch this video.

Julian Lennon interview on CBS

I couldn't find any John Lennon or Beatles music on Playlist so instead please enjoy the music of Julian Lennon and Sean Lennon!

Have a great weekend.


  1. Those jeans! I love them. I love ripped jeans because they're so much fun with formal tops and classy heels.
    Jealous of your weather, why was I born in England? Not fair.
    The video was on BBC this weekend. I can't believe how good Yoko looks. xxx

  2. I really love those cropped jeans on you - the sequins kind of blend in with the distressing - what a great fit! So Cal looks incredible - enjoy, enjoy, enjoy the sunshine - we're having floods here in Brisbane (Oz). Oh the teapot is an absolute winner! xo

  3. WONDERFUL JEANS, WONDERFUL FINDS, and a great tribute to our man, John. Funny how Beatles music is JUST NOT AVAILABLE ON THE PLAYLISTS!!!!

    Kisses and hugs to you all, Anita

  4. I love that pitcher! And I'd love some beautiful weather too, please - although, having said that, we are having a truly lovely day in London today!


  5. From La Jolla Cove (one of my favorite places) to John Lennon I enjoyed your post--and your bargains! My husand's "work around the house" jeans are getting some holes. I told him they were now in fashion--he said he was going to toss them out! = (


  6. Hi Bonnie,

    I saw the interview on Sunday morning. John would have been proud.
    Great bargains, good eye!
    Dorothy and the girls were in San Diego over the weekend for a wedding. I'm so glad the weather was superb.

    My favorite pair of jeans look like something a teen would wear. tattered and torn (kind of like me) but I LOVE them.

    Have a happy week.


  7. Hello Bonnie - cute jeans and cute teapot. The weather was perfect yes...had a garage sale last Saturday trying to sell my white sofa, but got a bit of sunburn instead and sofa is still here :-(

    Isn't that Paris pail the cutest...I saw the black one too but ended up getting white. Come join my gift raffle when you get a chance, 'k?

  8. i loved to see your buys, i think my favourite is the teapot!!

  9. oh, Bonnie, love the sequined / ripped jeans :)
    I love your thrifties and am a sucker for a good thrift. I am vowing to put off the shops for the rest of the month . Wish me luck ;)

  10. love your post and the great deals that you always seem to find. it's a good thing you only paid 6.49 for those jeans cause they've gotta lotta rips in them hehehe have a great day!

  11. Hi my dear-those jeans look great on you and what an amazing bargain too! Well done on your other thrifting finds, very nice indeed!! x

  12. Great finds Bonnie, the jeans are fab! It is hard to believe that John Lennon whould have been sad that he is no longer with us. Enjoy your wonderful weather. Warmest wishes from England. Sandi x

  13. Sadie is going to love that blanket! Great finds Bonnie... I love the little pitcher. They are having a tribute to the Beatles at the Temecula Community Theather next month. You should think about coming in to see it Bonnie.. If anyone else is in driving distance, it is a show worth seeing.. I went to see it last year. I really enjoyed it.. Beautiful tribute.. Below is the web address to the Theater, if you would like to take a look.

    Have a great week.