Friday, February 12, 2010

Have you noticed there’s a LOT happening today?

First of all, I would like to wish my boyfriend, Gerard Butler, a Happy Valentine’s Day and weekend! Here’s a shot of Gerard at the Golden Globes which I unfortunately was not able to attend.

Here’s wishing everyone a Happy Heart’s Day!

BUT not only is it Valentine’s Day it's also the beginning of the Chinese New Year!

Kung Hee Fat Choy!

in 2010, the Chinese New Year is on February 14th and it is The Year of the Tiger. The Chinese New Year follows the Chinese zodiac, a twelve month cycle, which the Chinese believe each person born under a particular character/animal takes on the characteristic of that animal.

You are a Tiger if you are born in: 1926, 1938, 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998, 2010

Famous Tigers include: Sir David Attenborough, Natalie Wood, Tom Berenger, Agatha Christie, H.G. Wells, Tom Cruise, Leonardo DiCaprio, Emily Dickinson, Isadora Duncan, Roberta Flack, Frederick Forsyth, Jodie Foster, Stevie Wonder Sir Alec Guiness, Hugh Hefner, William Hurt, Dylan Thomas, Marilyn Monroe, Demi Moore, Beatrix Potter, Diana Rigg, Lionel Ritchie, Kenny Rogers.

The Tiger is considered to be a risk taker in life and a leader, rather than a follower. People born under the sign of the tiger are adventurous, self starters who are first to take on something new. They look for solutions to challenging situation rather than focus on the problems and shortcomings. They are positive in their outlook and surround themselves with people who are open, honest, effective and productive. The Tiger is thought to be a lucky sign but someone who is more likely to make their own luck. They are courageous in what they do, and proud of their achievements. They are also known to look after their appearance and sometimes can appear vain. Tigers are confident people who like the lime light, and possess a high level of personal presence.


I am excited to watch the spectacle tonite and in coming days I will be rooting for Apollo Ohno as he follows his quest for Olympic gold. This will be his third outing at the Olympics.

There are a number of San Diegans participating in the Olympics this year. Most notably is The Flying Tomato himself, Shaun White (snowboarding). Included in this illustrious list of local notables is Rachel Flatt (women's figure skating), Elena Meyers (bobsled), Gretchen Bleiler (snowboarding), Jeret Peterson (freestyle skiing), and Tyler Jewell (snowboarding).

Follow along with NBC as they report the latest results.

Good luck everyone and Go Team USA!


  1. BONNIE! Good to see you in the blogging saddle again! I always miss seeing your witty posts! Oh dearest, what a shame you were not able to make it arm and arm with Gerald; you two make such a lovely couple!

    I was born in 1958, so I am not a tiger. I know that I am Taurus, and chillingly, I fit the description of a stubborn bull! Both my dad and I were Taurus and that showed. We often bumped horns while we were both charging at our objectives in life!!!!

    GO OLYMPIANS! I love the Olympics. Que les jeux commencent!

    Talk soon, Anita

  2. Bonnie, I always look forward to your posts! They are so well written and very witty:) I am not a Tiger or a Winter Olympian but I certainly can appreciate Mr Gerard Butler! Thanks for another informative post (I always learn something from reading your blog - which I love)!! Hope you have a fabulous weekend ~ Tina x

  3. Happy Valentines Day to YOU!

    Too bad you couldn't have made the Golden Globes with Mr. Butler. He looks very lonely in this picture!

    My husband is a Tiger - born in 1950. He has very, very few of the characteristics described in your post. I wonder what happened???

  4. Hi there-LOL, yes, sorry you couldn't join the boyfriend!! Fabulous post and isn't there a lot going on!! Have a great weekend!!

  5. oh my gosh bonnie you guys (and you know who i mean) just crack me up :)
    GO USA

  6. Hi Bonnie! You certainly do have a handsome boyfriend! Too bad you couldn't go, too! Hey...I'm a Tiger! But I think it just means I'm old! lol Loved your Ricky and Lucy post, too! Happy weekend...hugs...Debbie

  7. Bonnie,

    I do hope that the USA teams bring home lots of gold! Happy Valentine's Day!



  8. haha that first part cracked me up, I love Gerard Butler