Sunday, June 21, 2009

Case of the missing kitties

So I promised some friends who are in Hawaii on vacation (yeah, I know) to look after their two kitties. No problem, I've done it a million times.

Keiki Kitty on the left and Estee the one-eyed pirate kitty on the right

So I get there this morning and the first thing that happens is...I can't get in. The lock won't turn. I had visions of having to go home and call my friends. Ater jiggling the key and the handle, the door finally pops opens. Hallelujah! The kitties greet me at the door. I get them sorted out and then plop myself in front of the TV with a soda and watch Food Network. I am so relaxed I am falling in and out of sleep.

Later I decide to take a shower because (a little story I haven't share with you) my shower is busted and for now I am forced to take a tub bath (which I hate) until I can gather funds to re-model the bathroom. The shower was just heavenly and when I was done I went to watch more Food Network and get more nap time.

I am vaguely aware that the cats aren't around but that's no biggie since they always hide out. I start to get ready to leave and all of a sudden can't find hide nor fur of either of them. They are missing. Long story short, after spending about 1/2 hour searching for them I decided I had to call my friends. Funny thing is after I had been madly searching for them, I spot one. I decided the other one must still be under the bed. It is so dark under there even with the light on that I got a broom and began poking it under the bed and - meow - found the other kitty. Thank you God! I called my friends back and told them all's well that ends well even after I nearly gave them a heart attack. Thank goodness they were with their friend who really is a doctor!

I came back home to my kitty who always comes to me when I call him. He is quite the talker and always has something to say to me. He is a love bug.

My kitty, Kitty

Night, night Kitty.


  1. What a beautiful little black kitty, Bonnie! had a little experience there, but cats can take care of themselves! I hope you can get your shower fixed; I HATE TUB BATHS TOO! After having worked in a hospital for 15 years, you learn a lot about how those babies need to be cleaned often due to the....oh dear, maybe I should stop there! Take care my friend, Anita

  2. No tub baths for me :) The kitties were just playing hide and seek but obviously, you didn't know you were playing! Have a great week!

  3. They'll show you who's in charge, I guess! I would have had a come apart worrying where they were! (That's a 2chippys phrase I just love!)
    Don't they make some kind of device you can attach to the faucet for a makeshift shower...just until you get yours fixed, of course!
    Gotta love those independent.

  4. Bonnie dearest!!!! Oh how have you been darlin' Bonnie? I AM BEING CHALLENGED! I NEED TO STAY PUT SO THAT I CAN WRITE MY THESIS! You know that I love to write, and my topic is cool, but I am not a good researcher! I love to write from the top of my head and looking up others' writings is number one, hard on my 51 year old eyes and secondly, I really just want to have a summer to play. BUT! This is for my masters and I have worked to hard to come this far and just give it a half-baked job. Thanks for stopping by and really, your little Isabeau book is sitting on my desk with some embellishments attached, but not done...will keep in touch. Anita