Monday, October 28, 2013

Picture this...

… me in bed, Sunday morning around 11ish (yes, I was still in bed) having finally succumbed to cold that is keeping fellow work mates away from said work in droves. Ugh! Struggle to turn on TV with remote, must make note to check vision, can barely read TV screen even when squinting. Hear meow and heavy footsteps. Focus to see Kitty coming into sick room with biggest dust bunny ever clinging to chin. Wait, whaaaaa???? Not dust bunny at all! Good grief it’s a decapitated little mouse. Aaarrrghhh! Must now get out of sick bed to pick up what is left of poor little mouse and put in trash outside. Kitty was so proud of delivering mouse to me and here I am unceremoniously putting it in the trash bin. Can’t be helped, just know I am loved!

A stare off with a catnip filled mouse

What is it with cats? One minute the world is in peaceful harmony and the next it’s going up in flames! A few weeks ago, I came home from work and kitty was fine. Much later when it was too late to see the vet, the cat had a lump the size of a watermelon on the side of his head. The next morning the vet took us in to find out Kitty had an abscess. Two hundred plus dollars later and after a good long cry for me and Kitty, we went home supplied with antibiotics and pain meds (pain meds meant for me I’m sure). If I thought Kitty looked odd with a huge bump, he looked stranger now that the whole affected area had been shaved. It looked like someone took a bite out of him. He is my bizarro Frankenstein kitty!

Kitty making himself at home on some clean laundry

So, yes, I am stuck at home with a full on cold. Sore throat, slight cough, sneezing, runny nose and a very foggy head has kept me in bed most of the day. I am trying to treat it with sleep, a little sunshine (this always makes me feel better), some ibuprofen, tea with lemon and honey and Airborne. I swear Airborne makes getting through a cold much easier than without. We shall see what tomorrow brings.

Whilst at home in sick bed, managed to catch this interesting little bit on CNN on the price of a Starbucks Grande Latte around the world…

Make mine a pumpkin spice latte which by the way contains NO pumpkin in the Starbucks version!

Look forward to healthier days ahead and 
to all my bloggy friends in the UK stay safe and dry!


  1. Hi Bonnie,

    Lovely to receive your comments as usual, sorry to hear you've not been feeling well though, hope you're starting to feel a bit better now??

    Thanks for the nice comments regarding my hair, I keep wondering whether to have it cut again? But then I also like growing it long, haha, I go back and forth in my mind a lot :)

    Sal xx

  2. Sorry to hear than you and kitty have been unwell, hope you both feel better soon! x


    Hello my dear old friend! I can't believe it, it's you! Thank you for visiting! OK, I saw a mouse the other morning as I was leaving for work, but it was dark out. I heard rustling in the leaves near the door then saw a small shadow scurry right in front of my feet. I love Tea Rat and Miss Moussie and Bebe of Nowhere fame, but that scared ME! Sorry you had to see the decapitated little darling!

    I hope kitty will recuperate SOON! And you? How have you been?

  4. thanks fro visiting my pups, we love them to. and what a way to be treated when sick in bed. Jake has brought rats out of the bushes and a racoon and 3 possums, but never into the house. YET... the good thing is the cat got the mouse. no traps needed.
    hope you are feeling better by now, i see this post is 6 days old. lovely niece below