Monday, June 17, 2013

Of Pancakes and Waffles

In my last post, I did go on about pancakes on Sunday mornings but today it’s all about waffles! 

I met up with some friends of mine last week and we had a great time catching up on the latest happenings in our lives and also the waffle buffet at the U.S. Grant where my dear friend Ed works. 

It was unbelievable, three different flavors of Belgian waffles with too many to count varieties of toppings (my favorites were the fresh berries and maple syrup). On the savory side, there were scrambled eggs, jerk chicken and pan fried sweet potato and plantains. This was actually the first time I had jerk chicken and now I know why everybody raves about it. Of course you know that no Sunday breakfast or brunch is complete without the gloriousness of mimosas – and they just didn't seem to stop coming. I ask you, is there nothing better than good friends and good food on a Sunday morning?

So that was last week, this Sunday morning was spent pretty much in bed watching Super Soul Sunday with Oprah. If you've never watched it, it’s kind of a self help program with an emphasis on spirituality and living your best life. I watched three in a row that were so interesting starting with Karen Armstrong, a bestselling author, former Roman Catholic nun and a world-renowned religious scholar. What an interesting journey this woman has had starting with becoming a nun at age 17! I am going to search out her memoir The Spiral Staircase.

Phil Jackson is known as The Zen Master but did you know he had a Pentecostal Christian upbringing? In his words, yes, he was a holy roller. In time however, the legendary coach began to question not only his religious beliefs but the world around him (it was the 60s). At college he was exposed to, among other things, Darwin’s theory of evolution. You can imagine how shocking this was to his belief system. Jackson is now a practicing Buddhist and he discusses his spiritual awakening and how it also affected his coaching style.  On a side note, Phil Jackson and the Lakers (during their glory days) would stay a few nights with us at the Royal Hawaiian Hotel where I worked. Great times!

Calling Dr. Robin, Dr. Robin…..I used to enjoy her visits to the Oprah Winfrey Show. Dr. Robin Smith is a psychologist, author, speaker and preacher (something I didn't know). If you’re wondering why you haven’t heard from her lately it’s because she has had a series of setbacks that seemed to start with a debilitating car accident in 2010 that left her unable to work. Thankfully, the good doctor has recovered and wrote a book Hungry which chronicles her experience.

Ok, so I fed my soul with Oprah and for a further luxuriating day in bed, I watched the movie Tortilla Soup. Can I tell you how much I adore Hector Elizondo? He is so sexy without trying. 

It must be that smoldering Latin thing he's got going on!  Huh, whaaa, Back to the movie! 

It’s wonderful. It’s about food and familia. You've got a single dad, his three daughters, their lives, their loves and in a guest starring role, food (my favorite subject).  Can you describe food as being voluptuous?

The food shots were almost a sensory overload and the kitchen was something from a foodie magazine or TV show. Mexican food was front and center and I was starving! Of course you know Mexico has one of the world’s great cuisines! This is a wonderful movie, perhaps the ending was a little predictable (spoiler alert, it was a happy one), but it was magical and warm and a great way to spend a relaxing day.



  1. I saw that movie when it first came out and loved it!!


  2. Hi Bonnie,
    Oh those waffles! All I can say is YUM!
    What interesting people.. I will have to search for The spiral Staircase..
    Thank you for coming over to visit and leaving such a kind note.
    I am feeling much better, thank you.

  3. Yum those waffles look great and it sounds like you had a very relaxing day :)

    Sal x

  4. i love waffles and also love Hector... my youngest son is 46 and his brother is 48. thanks for the compliment.

  5. Delicious! So was "Tortilla Soup". I love Hector too! And, Chicago misses Phil Jackson--well, I do.
    I haven't heard about the big drug ring bust in La Jolla. Will have to check that out. Around here, it's nothing unusual.