Saturday, December 18, 2010

I'm back!

Unleash the hounds!

It's good to be back!

The reason for my abrupt disappearance is that real life took over - I accepted a job. The reality was tho I flourished in blogville, realsville was another matter. So off I trudge each Monday through Friday from 8 to 5 to a job that may not be my dream job but it is the job that pays the bills and other sundries.

Since returning to the work a day world I’ve noticed a few things….

Hosiery: Have you noticed no one wears stockings anymore? I always wear pantyhose or tights when I am in anything that closely resembles a skirt or dress. My sister says it dates me and I guess I am old school in that regard.

I hear the 70's calling my name - remember when L'eggs came in an egg?

My wardrobe: I have not worn any of my work clothes in almost two years and I discovered something BIG! My working wardrobe has become a little ill fitting. In other words I must have lost some weight! While that’s GREAT it also presents a dilemma, I NEED new clothes.

If only!

Lunch: Ok, have you ever noticed people just chilling in their cars having coffee, reading, writing bills, whatever. I always thought that was a little weird but I must tell you that I have since discovered the joys of having lunch in my car - I know, just plain weird! But it affords me a chance to chill, get a bite to eat and read my latest book. It’s also warmer in my car than it is in the office so I get to warm up a bit. My car has suddenly become more than a vehicle that takes me from A to B, it’s become my own little sanctuary.

Wait a minute, I'm NOT the lunch! I sit in my car and have lunch!

The dog and cat: Kitty is just fine and has adjusted to my new schedule. Sadie though is a creature of habit and has gotten used to walking twice a day. Now I must get up extra early to do a quick walk around the block. She cannot just go in the backyard, she MUST take a walk or she will pout and things may get dicey in the house if you know what I mean.

Sadie and Kitty in front of their window on the world but check out the computer in the upper left. I got that in 2000 but it seems so clunky now.

Getting up on time: UGH , so hard to do now that the weather is chilly and it’s the rainy season. It has become more and more difficult to kick those blankets off at 5:30 in the morning.

I would like to send a SHOUT OUT to some pretty awesome blogger friends who have inquired after me whilst I was on my little hiatis. They are...

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Thanks for sending out a holler wondering where on earth I was. It gives me the warm fuzzies to know that people enjoy following along with me as much as I enjoy following along with all of you out there. I know I'll have fun catching up on the latest!

Hope you are staying warm and enjoying the last weekend before the Christmas holiday!


  1. So this is what you are up to! What a great post Bonnie and I am so glad to have you back.. You are so sweet to mention me here... If you have not already traveled to NOWHERE TODAY, please do! Today is the Theatre performance, you don't want to miss this... Bebe has a ticket waiting for you there.
    Stay warm, Christmas wishes and get your REST!

  2. Bonnie, dear, it is not nice to disappear!! I forgive you! I think you know that I am a southerner. We wear pantyhose! And, yes, I do remember when L'eggs came in eggs. I saved them to do a fun project with my children. Now, where did I put them? The eggs, not the children!!

    I really am glad that your been otherwise occupied instead of abducted by aliens or.....!


  3. Oooh....Bonnie!! I was just thinking yesterday that I would call you to see if you are OK...and now I see a post from you! I am glad that all is well! Yes, I struggled with that pantyhose thing, too. I am fortunate in that in the school teaching world, we are all so out of date that the principal REQUIRED us to wear stockings! lol Or maybe it is just a Southern thing! I used to eat lunch at my desk at little 30 minute piece of private I understand about your car. I am happy to hear from you, my friend! I am wishing you, Sadie and Kitty a very merry Christmas!...hugs...Debbie

  4. Think tights much more comfortable that panty hose and less twisting if you know what I mean.
    Here in Texas our cars are our home away from home.
    Glad to see you resurface!

  5. PRECIOUS BONNIE....OMG you ARE BACK!!!!! Oh, where do I begin to say all that I wish to say to an "old" blogger friend....I SO HEAR YOU ABOUT the REAL WORLD and blogsville.....and the PANTYHOSE! I am the only teacher that wears any! In winter of course, if ANYONE wears a skirt, it is BLACK TIGHTS, but during the spring, here comes Mme Rivera in LEGGS hosiery while everyone else is bare-legged! AH! I don't care how tanned my legs are, I am not going bare-legged unless I am in shorts!

    The furry ones look like they miss the heck out of you, as WE ALL HAVE DONE! And talk about tired.....I do not know how in THE SAM HILL I manage 50 children and still blog!

    Dearest, you are in my heart; I see our beloved Penny has come to see you. I was taking the day off today since I was so tired from finishing up school this week, blog posting and trying to get some Christmas stuff done....

    I send you my love and many hugs for a relaxing and memorable Christmas!!! BISOUS, Anita

  6. Yay!!! So glad you've just got a job,and that nothing was wrong!!!
    I wear pantyhose!!Most days!Fishnets in summer,though,mind you it has been scorching here latley,so I have been going without! I also remember L'eggs in eggs!! hahahaha!
    Welcome back,sweets!

  7. I knew you weren't blogging but didn't know why and I was curious...OK, I was chewing at the bit waiting for you to get back....and now you are and I am happy. Work....ughhh, a necessary evil I suppose. Happy your here and happy that your happy....


  8. Hi my dear, so pleased to see you back and congratulations on the job too, it is peace of mind to be be able to earn money, especially this time of the year. Hope all is well and you're looking forward to Christmas, keep wearing the tights, they are very much a stylish and cosy option for keeping warm-very necessary I say! xx

  9. So glad to have you back Bonnie. Congratulations on the job though Sadie does not sound quite so pleased.

  10. Bonnie,

    I'm so glad you are back-I was beginning to worry! I can relate to many of the working woes you listed-especially getting up early when it's cold outside-brrrr! Our dogs need a walk in the morning too so I sympathize with that early morning, freezing, walk around the block! Needless to say, despite the woes that go along with work I am thankful that I have a job:). It's good to have you back in blgoland!

    Christmas Blessings,


  11. I retired sept 06 and had never heard the word blog, had no idea what it was. a friend emailed me to look at her grandaughter on her blog, i said what is a blog. that was then and this is now and i am on the computer from dawn to daylight, did not start until a year ago. i tried it and did not like it, now i love it. LOVE your two babies staring out the window.
    I have my pet blog and its only once in a while, my other one is daily. if i were working like you are, there would not be a blog. really like that first shot of the triple dogs

  12. I love the idea of car as a lunchtime respite centre:). I remember the L'eggs when I was young and desperately wanted my mum or sisters to buy some so I could keep the "egg". Congrats on getting work - you sound really perky, so the change in your schedule must be a good thing even if it's not your dream job. So lovely to see you back Bonnie. Thanks so much for your lovely comment, I'm surprised at the reaction of my vlog post as it was really just a means to an end. Might have to do another eh? xoxo

  13. glad to see you back! =)

  14. Bonnie... We are getting soaked here! Be careful out there on your travels to work.. I will keep you in my thoughts..

  15. Merry Christmas, Bonnie!
    Congratulations on the new job! I suspected that was the reason why you've been away. Actually, HOPE was more like it. I didn't want to think think that anything bad was going on in your life. So glad that God gave you a window to open! A job in today's economy is a GREAT thing indeed! As for L'eggs, I know all about them! LOL. I grew up in the city where the first L'eggs factory was founded! The Hanes family were old money in NC, and the Hanes Knitting Co. first manufactured men's underwear in 1901 until they merged with a locial hosiery mill that created the well known L'eggs brand, and other knitwear that made Hanes a household name. Eventually, the company merged with the Sara Lee Corp and diversified into food brands. But enough with the L'eggs history lesson. You know how I love to wax poetic on all things trivial. LOL. I'm just happy that you're back safe n' sounds, sista from anotha mista!! Wishing you the Merriest of Christmases and most joyous of New Years! God Bless You, M'dear!