Sunday, January 17, 2010

Weekend Wrap Up

In retrospect, the day started out with such promise. The sun was shining and the weather had started to warm up. No matter that my dryer was on the fritz and I had to make a special trip to the laundromat! And no matter that a winter storm system was working it's way down the SoCal coast.

A beautiful day in Coronado

Yesterday was THE DAY our San Diego Chargers, aka the Bolts, made their bid for the Super Bowl. The air was literally sparking with electricity even for someone like me who is not much of a football fan. But it's fun to know that your home town team was in the playoffs after having come off an 11 (consecutive) game winning streak! It's no wonder we were just a little more than hopeful.

A packed house at Qualcomm Stadium

Sadly, although the Bolts were winning right through the 2nd half, as the clouds started to roll in the team's sensibilities and winning plays began to cloud over as well.

This fan's rather dazed and glum expression sums up how the whole town is feeling! Waaaaaa!

We have to give it up to the New York Jets who played a better game, Jets: 17 and Chargers: 14. But here's the good news...there's always next season! Go Chargers!

Good season or bad, Charger fans support their team all the way. Yesterday's San Diego Union Tribune profiled a few....

Super charged fan, Arturo Ruiz

Arturo not only tricked out his 1966 Chevy truck but painted his house in Charger blue and gold. His son Jose has the honor of placing Charger flags on the fence of the family's home. To quote Arturo, “In my heart, no matter what, if they win or if they lose, I always support them,” he said. “Every day, I wake up thinking, it’s almost Sunday.”

Charger logo

Cute couple, Alvaro and Danielle Gonzalez and their dog Charger

They have lightning-bolt tattoos, a boxer named Charger and vanity license plates BOLTZ 1 and CHRGGRS. Alvaro, a public defender, proposed to Danielle at a Charger game by way of an airplane banner flown over Qualcomm Stadium. Talk about romance, this guy's got it in spades! Their wedding vows even included...loving one another in good seasons and bad!

The Bolt logo

Mike Geraci has been to every Charger game since 1961!

Mike has a special "Charger Room" full of memorabilia including beer steins, socks, jackets, magnets, stool seat covers, rugs, hats, posters, prints, programs, photographs, autographs and necklaces. Even a trash can. I think you can say this guy's got it covered in every possible way!

This week in weather! Lot's of rain!

As for the San Diego weather, there are three storm systems traveling down the coast. I can tell you right now, the wind is blustering outside my window and the wind chimes in the patio are going crazy. It's drizzly but no storm as yet. It definitely promises to be a week for little yellow duckies.

And finally, today is a day that we celebrate a man who had a dream.

Visit this website to learn more about Martin Luther King. Whatever you do, don't skip the intro, if you do you, you will miss a very stirring speach.

Stay dry everybody!


  1. Hi Bonnie! I'm sorry your team didn't win, but what wonderful fans! I remember our Cinderella season for our Atlanta much fun! The coming storm sounds a little scary! Stay dry!...hugs...Debbie

  2. Bonnie darling! I was out for a bit and missed seeing your new post pop up. I have been in front of the computer trying to finish some assignments that are very grueling, but we went out to stretch our legs. It is January, but if felt like early April today! I was actually sweating with my winter coat on! Today is a special day, celebrating a man whose voice, every time I hear it, gives me chills. What a visionary and brave soul. How are you dearest? Anita

  3. Bonnie,

    I heard that you guys were getting a lot of rain. I hope you have some sunny weather soon:)!



  4. Bonnie, I know just how the Charger's fans feel after sitting through the BCS Championship game. But yay for their true blue fans! Thanks for the link to the MLK website, every time I hear his voice and his words it sends chills down my spine. And I hope that you aren't getting too much bad weather where you are. Stay warm and dry! Kathy

  5. Dear Bonnie

    Well your team did not win, but you obviously had a great time and the gorgeous weather and scenes in San Diego are enough to make us here in the frozen tundra of Minnesota weep.

    Oops! Gotta go. There's a bunch of emperor penguins giving me some attitude. You know me. I don't want no trouble.


  6. Hey Bonnie!!! Thanks for coming by the old homestead! I have spent all weekend finishing up my work and I have one more paper to write then the REAL thesis date! It is nice to see your comments dear one. How are you? We are having a January thaw here with melting snow! Bisous, Anita