Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Return of TV Diva!

This past Saturday I visited the Friends of the Library book sale at the University Heights library.

Lot's of books to choose from at the book sale

On my way out, I happened to glance in a bin and saw a paperback titled V, The Second Generation. It is a new novel written by Kenneth Johnson the creator of V, a really popular miniseries back in the 80s. Do you remember?

I’m only on page 62 of the book and it starts out like an amusement park thrill ride. The Visitors have been visiting for a very long time now, over twenty years. Lakes and oceans have been drained dry; children are indoctrinated early on by means of weekly Monday morning videos at school called The Visitor Way; scientists and their families have been rounded up; anyone opposing the Visitors mysteriously vanish; and heroically out there, is a determined band of human and sympathetic Visitor Resistance fighters who battle for our freedom.

Back in the deep dark 80s, the hotel company I worked for sent us on a fam (familiarization) trip to the Big Island. While we were all thrilled to go it just so happened to be over the climactic ending of V, the miniseries, where the young human girl gives birth to half human, half alien twins. We just couldn’t miss THAT! So that evening, a bunch of us got together in a room to watch the show. Food and drinks were flowing as we watched and when the babies were born *the alien looking baby crawled out* we all screamed and potato chips were flying! It was fun and gross at the same time and just added another dimension to our fun trip.

V miniseries from the 80s

So, I was thrilled to discover the new book and to know that V is a new series on ABC beginning on Tuesday night, November 3rd. Check your local listings! I wonder if there are going to be V parties?

The new 2009 V

Happy viewing!


  1. Bonnie!!! I remember this! We were living in Massachusetts at the time...whoah, how time escapes us. I love how you bring back memories for us to enjoy. MORE, MORE, MORE! You have the right touch to give hommage to some of the best vintage memories. How are you my dear? Anita

  2. Hi Bonnie~

    I don't remember the mini series but I bet I was missing something good! You enthusiasm was quite apparent!! I will look out for the new show, but I have to confess, I'm not a big TV person...Please do not take that in that 'no darling...TV bores me to pieces' sort of way. I find a few shows, then I get forgetful and miss a few, then I say I will just rent the season, and soon I have a whole list, longer than the list of books I want and the magazines piled up. Media... I have every BH&G since July and I insist on starting in July (although it has no relavence now) and working my way forward. And I have to read the magazines before the books... Before this turns into a post, I am just having a focus problem right now. Spread too thin and retaliating by doing nothing. Ever done that?

    Read your last post. Rachael Zoe is ridiculously pretty, isn't she? Gawd. Now I would think they wouldn't let people sit on Coco's couch...doesn't that sort of take away from the authenticity a bit...like seeing one of Jackie O's dresses in a museum but knowing 8 of her nieces wore it as well? Well, let me know what time Rachael comes on...my college girl, Abby used to keep me in the reality shows (which I do love) but I don't think even SHE is watching them..hint, hint.

    Thanks for stopping by. Have you seen the resemblance between Milo and Sadie??


  3. Hi there-I've not seen this before, but it sounds a lot of fun and very entertaining! Hope you have a good weekend my dear!!

  4. Hi Bonnie! I remembeer V from the first go-round, but really didn't watch it for some reason. I may have to give the new version a shot! Happy week!...hugs..Debbie